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The distinctive features of Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment. Completely natural balm containing oily extracts of medicinal herbs, micro elements obtained from algae, vitamins, bio complexes and seaweed extracts

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Thick eyelashes and brows are the essentials of female beauty. The market is full of solutions to improve eyebrow and eyelash growth, but most of them include chemical components that may cause allergies and are harmful to the user’s health. Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment is a natural remedy to grow longer eyelashes and fuller eyebrows.

What is it made of?

In comparison with its analogs, Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment consists of the entire complex of 100% natural ingredients, such as:

  • medical herbal extracts;
  • seaweed extracts;
  • algae;
  • Vitamins A and E;
  • bioactive components.

The quality and safety of these ingredients are strictly controlled within the company’s laboratory. Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment does NOT include prostaglandin, antibiotics, preservatives, and other chemical additives. Every bottle of the remedy is handmade which allows for better quality and material control. UK toxicology and safety certificates prove that this product is 100% safe.

How does it work?

Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment is a versatile product for fuller and longer eyebrows and eyelashes. It helps to thicken thin both eyelash and eyebrow hairs and can advance the growth of new hair while improving their structure.

Natural components and oily extracts administer the following positive effects:

  1. They penetrate into the skin deeply and nourish the hair follicles.
  2. They trigger the growth of old and new eyelashes and eyebrows.
  3. Resistance to UV radiation, environmental pollution, and eye make-up is improved.
  4. Eyelash loss is stopped.

Therefore, this product can be used to treat existing problems with eyelashes and eyebrows, and prevent them. It’s a must for those who want to have thick, long, and healthy lashes.

How to use the product?

Since Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment consists of 100% natural ingredients, it can be used for as long as required until the desired results are reached. As a rule, users notice positive results in 2-3 weeks. How to apply it?

For eyelashes: Wash away mascara and eye makeup. Apply the balm on the brush and tips of the eyelashes – the product will distribute over the hair shafts and penetrate into their roots. It can be applied at any time but ideally last thing before going to bed.

For eyebrows: Wash away make-up. Apply the product on the brush and comb the eyebrows by massaging motions in two directions: along the hairline and against. Rub in within 30 seconds. The procedure is usually once a day before nighttime.

One bottle can last or about 6 months. You can use Satura ® Rosta Eyelash and Eyebrow treatment in conjunction with mascara and eye makeup.

Satura® Rosta Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, chemical procedures, and remedies. It allows getting a completely new look in a few months.

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    Me and my friend use Satura Rosta Eyebrow Treatment and it really helps - can we use it on the eyelashes as well?

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    Thank you for this product. I used it. It worked.
    Great stuff!!

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