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SATURA® RejuveGel Capsules



Satura RejuveGel Capsules are a new balanced food supplement that has a general rejuvenating effect.

Category: Hair treatments

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SATURA® RejuveGel Capsules

SATURA® RejuveGel Capsules are a new balanced form of biologically active food supplement. The preparation not only improves hair growth, but also has a general rejuvenating e ect, reduces in ammation and dryness of the skin, strengthens the nails, improves vision and general physical condition and helps to strengthen immunity.

The capsules contain a special nutrient medium (know-how of the company), and also extracts of laminaria, kelp, Irish moss, fucus; supplements of vitamins A, D and E, beta-carotin, water and oil extracts from plants, rosehip oil and olive oil. Cold extraction technology is used in this production that guarantees the safety and the biological activity of the ingredients, which makes it unique in its properties.

Experimental evidence shows that the Capsules stimulate autophagy and has both an anti-in ammatory and anti-ageing e ect. Autophagy is the main mechanism of degradation of damaged proteins and organelles, including mitochondria.

Satura® RejuveGel Capsules produced a real rejuvenation (decrease in the proportion of aging cells), and not a phenocopy of rejuvenation. Counteracting cellular aging, as well as anti-in ammatory action of the preparation contribute to normalization of physiological processes in the body.


All forms of hair loss: androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, age-related changes of skin and hair, brittle nails, metabolic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome.


Recommended course intake: 2 to 4 capsules per day, during or after meals. The course is 3 months. Repeated courses in 6-12 months.

The pack contains 60 capsules (capsule 1000 mg).

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