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A highly concentrated complex of remedies resulting in a higher efficacy. For stopping hair loss, strengthening and improving the structure of the hair whilst stimulating new hair growth.

Category: Hair treatments

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This is a 100% natural treatment (Toxicologically Certified). Satura® Professional Complex is the latest development in hair growth remedies consisting of enhanced concentrated formulas of Satura® Rosta and Satura® Pro with active components. This product is recommended for clinics and salons treating patients with severe hair and scalp conditions. The course of treatment ranges from four months to two years depending on the severity of the condition. Upon completion of the treatment the hair remains permanent.

When applying Satura® Professional Complex in a clinical environment additional physiotherapy is required. The full box contains 2 X 100ml bottles of Satura® Rosta Professional and Satura® Pro which as a guide is sufficient for ten procedures. Apply 10ml of Satura Pro concentrated formula thoroughly all over the scalp. A selection of different equipment should then be administered such as a laser comb (Hairmax) and a Microneedling DermaRoller for approximately 5-10 minutes. Then apply Satura Rosta concentrated formula to the scalp and hair. Massage the formula for 20 minutes using either the elements of the Shiatsu head massage or a standard light head massage. The therapist should then use a high frequency machine for not more than 5 minutes. Finally cover the head with a disposable shower cap and place a scarf or hat to preserve the heat generated by the treatment. Leave for a minimum of 4-5 hours and wash with Satura® Sheer Natural Shampoo.

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