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Alleviates and prevents static electricity from the hair. Strengthens hair shafts and split ends. Protects the hair from adverse effects from the environment.

Category: Hair treatments

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Recommended for:
  • All hair types
  • Spray on to clean dry or slightly damp hair
  • Brush afterwards to style

This is a 100% natural treatment (Toxicologically Certified). The lotion is a bioactive complex of herbal extracts infusions and yeast cultures which work in synergy.

The treatment helps increase the antioxidant and regenerative properties of the scalp and hair. The effect is accounted for by a high content of bioactive substances.

It increases the immune properties of the hair and has a strong holding effect. It also has an anti-static effect and protects the hair from the influences of the environment, allows you to give up the use of chemical hair sprays and prevents the accumulation of harmful chemicals in the hair.

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    Dear GZ Labs. I have fly away hair? My friend told me that Prime Condition is wonderful. Will this be suitable for me?
    My name is Craig Zimmerman. I have been using Prime Condition for over a year. It’s really wonderful. Is it really 100% natural?

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