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EOS® RUBY Lotion



Improves the complexion, and texture of pale and tired skin. Firms and tones.

Category: Skin treatments

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EOS® RUBY Lotion

Recommended for:
  • Tired, pale or anaemic skin as well as those with ageing skin
  • It improves the complexion and makes the skin firmer

This is a natural product. (Toxicologically Certified). The lotion is intended to stimulate the vital processes in the skin which requires special care.

Special constituents help the lotion cleanse and refresh the skin with an antiseptic effect.

It is a very effective stimulator of the metabolic process in the skin and it increases the capillary circulation and blood oxygenation, improving skin respiration.

When used regularly, the plants bioactive constituents of the lotion work in synergy and improves the complexion, making the skin firmer healthier and more beautiful.

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