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EOS® GOLD Lotion



Eliminates acne, excessive sebum production, blackheads and rosacea. Antiseptic skin treatment.

Category: Skin treatments

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EOS® GOLD Lotion

Recommended for:
  • Oily skin, excessive sebum production, blackheads,uneven pigmentation, demodex and all forms of Acne and Rosacea
  • Part of the EOS® Acne Complex Treatment System

This natural product treats Acne, oily skin and excessive sebum production and reduces skin pores.

The lotion has a special formula intended for problem skin and contains precious bioactive substances which eliminate excessive sebum production. It has a strong disinfectant and antiseptic effect with astringent properties.

When used regularly, the lotion will improve the functional condition of the skin, eliminate Acne, reduce skin pores and make the skin healthy and devoid of its excessive gloss.

The lotion contains infusions of medicinal herbs which stimulate the physiological activity of tissues, protein and lipid metabolism. It increases skin vitality and maintains skin tone.

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