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Deep cleanser. Stimulates tanning. Firms, tones, smoothes the skin, With antiseptic qualities.

Category: Skin treatments

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Recommended for:
  • Any skin type (particularly oily) which would benefit from a natural, healthy tan all year round

This is a natural product (Toxicologically Certified). For all skin types for the face and body.

The lotion stimulates the vital processes in the skin which firms, tones and stimulates tanning.

Special constituents help the lotion cleanse and refresh the skin with an antiseptic effect. It is an effective stimulator of the metabolic process in the skin. It increases capillary circulation and blood oxygenation, improving skin respiration.

When used regularly, the plants bioactive constituents of the lotion work in synergy making the skin significantly firmer.

The natural pigments contained in some of the plant extracts used accumulate in the skin, stimulating a sun tanning effect - even in winter. The skin becomes brighter and healthier.


It should be noted that whilst EOS Bronze stimulates sun tanning it is NOT a sun blocker and has no SPV Factor. (Sun Protection Factor)

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