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Trichology (from the Latin Trichos – hair) is a branch of dermatology which studies hair and scalp disorders.

The current view is to regard Trichology as a separate science. Trichology includes therapeutic, surgical and aesthetic aspects. The therapeutic aspect is directly concerned with dermatocosmetology, endocrinology and immunology.

Our company is directly involved in treating hair and skin and deals with illnesses which have been regarded as “incurable” by tradition. We put that word in inverted commas as we have found the key to solving many complicated problems associated with baldness and excessive hair loss. 97% of men and 76% of women suffer from hair loss.

As a rule hair loss is the result of not one, but several factors, it gives signals pointing to some disorders in the human systems Scientists hold the view that early baldness with men points to an increased risk fo cardiac disease. Even when a person is genetically predisposed to baldness, thinnning of hair is a sign of some pathology.

A high percentage of hair loss in women is connected with:
  • Complex mechanism of hormone regulation
  • Frequent iron-deficit condition
  • High emotionality
  • Hormone contraception
  • Abortions
  • Childbirth
  • Irrational diets combined with the intake of various 'fat burners', manifesting itself in women as a psycho-traumatic component forming a 'vicious circle' and leading to unstable neuroses and depression.

Traditionally in response to hair loss complaints we prescribe a diagnostic program to determine the individual’s hair pathology. With the help of diagnostic equipment, a microscope, video camera and computer we can now accurately diagnose ethio-pathogenic factors of baldness, saving the patient’s time. Microscopic analysis of the hair allows us to construct a trichogram, i.e. determine the ratio of hair at different stages of development, rule out or confirm fungus or lice infections, and reveal genetic or acquired deviations in the structure of the hair.

The method has enormous practical value. The method allows for the differential diagnosis of various types of alopecia and can dynamically monitor the results of the treatment.

The treatment is carried out using balms and lotions of the Satura® line, which is a wholesome, balanced, self-adjusting biological system. The experience of using those preparations indicates that after their external application for 4-6 months, in the substantial majority of cases the problem of baldness is resolved.