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Science and clinical trials

Century Medical Center, Tel Aviv.

Clinical trial conducted at The Century Medical Centre of Tel Aviv into the efficacy of the Satura® Rosta. The trial was conducted by Dr Olga Raz (Chief Medical officer) who subsequently completed a course of Satura® Rosta herself. A high efficacy was confirmed on all groups of controlled trials.

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Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspection
Report No.П.063974.08.08 dated August 06, 2008.

Rostest CJSC, Rostest Moscow Food Testing Center, the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences via the Russian Ministry of Health. This is the equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America.

It is hereby certified that the product as follows: Satura® Rosta hair repair and growth stimulation balsam for all hair types complies with sanitary regulations.

The report is based on the protocols as follows:

  • No. 7130/2 by Moscow Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology FSHI dated July 16, 2008;
  • No. 33101 by Rostest CJSC, Rostest-Moscow Food Testing Center, dated June 20, 2008;
  • No. 4769-K by Central Research Institute of Dermatovenerology at the Federal Agency for High-Technology Health Care, Test Laboratory Center, Federal State Institution, dated June 20, 2008;
  • Expert Report No. 58720/12 by Moscow Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology FSHI dated July 28, 2008.
Toxicology approval obtained on all products in the UK.

Toxicology carried out in the UK by Intertek, the largest independent testing and certification company in the world.

All products certified as being 100% natural. The certification grants an approval of the overall product safety statement confirming that the ingredients are legally permitted as in accordance with EU directives 76/768/EEC and its amendments.

Satura® Rosta preparation restores hair growth and promotes adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

The preparation “Satura® Rosta” (Satura®) has for many years been known as an effective medication for baldness treatment. Nevertheless the mechanisms of its actions are unknown. To investigate it, we performed the histological examination of scalps of two volunteers having completed a full Satura® treatment. This study revealed substantial restoration of hair growth, augmentation of subcutis and an overall skin structure normalization. As far as subcutis, it is the normal environment for anagen hair follicles and adipogenic differentiation can be the prerequisite of hair growth. On the other hand alopecia and the decreasing of subcutis are the main manifestations of skin aging. Various aspects of the possible mechanisms of Satura® action are discussed.

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Possible Role of Autophagy Activation in Stimulation of Regeneration

Human cell aging is irregular. Senescent cells often impair the function of their neighbour nonsenescent cells. Stimulation of tissue regeneration is of potential applied significance for medicine, in particular, for geriatrics. One of the possible ways to induce regeneration consists of a selective removal of senescent and damaged cells from the tissue. Studies of the mechanism of action for Satura® Rosta Balm, which stimulates the hair growth, showed that the balm does not stimulate proliferation of various human cells, nor does it improve the cell resistance to stress. Oppositely, the balm exerted a cytotoxic effect in oxidative stress without increasing the production of reactive oxygen species. Further investigations show that the balm increases the transcriptional activity of the p53 gene, activates autophagy, and induces weak adipogenic differentiation. A hypothesis of autophagic regeneration is discussed, suggesting that selective autophagic death of senescent and damaged cells, which experience oxidative stress, triggers regeneration, which may be stimulated by both a rejuvenating effect of an increase in autophagy and a release of additional metabolites.

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