Hair restoration and skin regeneration - achieved naturally - backed by science

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GZ Labs has combined a deep knowledge of medicine and cosmetology along with a profound understanding of the ways of harnessing and increasing the effects of natural ingredients. The resulting products in our Satura® hair and EOS® skin products use wholly natural ingredients; achieve highly effective results with no side effects or allergic reactions. As a result we have unique products which are more than just cosmetics.

Our production methods are unique. The rare components we use include sea weeds, herbs and medicinal plants which are all harvested by hand to ensure their intrinsically beneficial properties remain intact. GZ Laboratories then applies revolutionary extraction processes to preserve and activate the life energy of all the natural ingredients.

The resulting products are completely natural and have toxicology certificates and approvals to substantiate their purity. We manufacture to order, by hand, in the United Kingdom and we make certain that all aspects of the manufacturing process cause no pollution, leave no residues or waste and ensure that the environment is not harmed in any way.

Behind every success there is a story... The Natural Successor

Dr Galina Zigmond was imbued with respect and an in depth knowledge of medicinal plants from an early age, which have been handed down from generation to generation, from grand-father to grand-daughter. Galina’s grand-father was an internationally respected Professor of Medicine and Dr Galina Zigmond, followed in his medical footsteps, shared his rigorous pursuit to discover the underlying causes which lead to disorders of the hair and skin.

Dr Galina Zigmond inherited a natural legacy of knowledge and appreciation which allowed her to invent formulas and create an innovative range of hair and skin products with 100% natural ingredients, at a time when chemicals solutions were seen as progressive. Initially she dispensed her products to care for the patients who consulted her in her own clinic, but word quickly spread about the tremendous success of her treatments. Reports of hair re-growth after a course of treatments and the most severe of skin conditions clearing after a week abounded and soon she was supplying dozens of clinics and training them in her methods.